Due to the fact I was alone and in a bit of a hurry, all photos here were taken with a 10-22mm lens at 22mm while driving. That's why you get to see so much of the framework of my truck windows and why everything looks so far away. In the last few photos of the tornado, it was huge and I was about 1.5 miles or so away.

Storm Reports from the day

Little late in getting started Stupid place to stop. 10 miles to next turn around. Catching back up. Thankfully didn't have to break a single speed limit. Nope, not me.
Never a road going where you need it.
Of course it was moving pretty fast and North east while I was stuck heading due north.
Finally got going east... sort of
So, finally get even with it on the south side
Didn't really turn out but that's a transformer still burning after the tornado came through
Brilliant chasers that decide to stop 2 wide on a single lane stone road to take pictures. In reality I think I saw one van with people in it that looked like they knew what they were doing.
Where it crossed I-57.  

Below is an approximated route I was on following the tornado. My GPS route log was full so it's from memory and I wasn't exactly reading street signs, but the directions are pretty close. I know the bridge over the Kankakee is right b/c that's the only one along the way. It sort of split the uprights between Frankfort and Monee.

The tornado pathed from approximately 3 miles SW of A on the map on an North Easterly route to/through Park Forest. When I first stopped to look at the storm on the side of the highway I'm on 55 SB just south of Gardner. (third image in the set) My route stayed SW of the storm following it